1994 Acura Legend Q&A

1994 Acura Legend Question: What does it mean when the D4 light is blinking and how do I stop it.

My car is an automatic and it drives ok for the most part but it does tend to be jerky between gears 1,2,and 3 there is no strange noises or anything but the D4 light is blinking should I be worried ??? -
Answer 1
get a free diag and est from aamco then shop prices -
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thanks I will do that ASAP -
Answer 2
Follow #1 advice , before it's to late. The 'D' light flashing means a trouble code has been set in the trans. control module. pressure switch failures were quite common , and not to big a deal. HINT --do not have trans flushed-drain&fills only , and use only Acura/Honda ATF. -