2008 Nissan Sentra Q&A

2008 Nissan Sentra Question: What does it mean when the car beeps 3 times after starting up?

While driving I think I heard something sound like it popped. The check engine light did not come on. When I turned the car off and then back on that is when I noticed the 3 distinctive beeps that I do not remember hearing when starting my car before. -
Answer 1
are any lights on in the dash? -
Comment 1
No the only light on is the tire pressure light. The noise sounds like the noise for the gps locators that dealers but on your car to lock the car if a payment is not made. I do not have this device on my car but that is the sound of the noise. Could it be my alarm system going bad? The beep for my alarm stopped working a while ago but i was able to still use my key ring to lock and unlock. Just with no beep -
Answer 2
To make you check to see if anything is wrong, which you did and found the tire pressure caution light on! Have tires properly inflated. -
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but the tire engine light has been on for a few weeks and I have had them checked. The light just needs to be reset. The tire pressure light I have dealt with before but the beep is new. I have never heard the beep until now. -
Comment 2
Check in your owners manual. That info. is in there! Index is in the back of the book, may take a bt of reading but it will be in there. Look for warning lights and alarms or instrument panel definitions! -