1999 Toyota Camry Q&A

1999 Toyota Camry Question: what does it mean when the brake light stays on for a long period of time.help

Answer 1
Do you know how to check the brake light switch? Do you mean brake light(s) at rear of car or 'brake warning lamp' on dash? Clear details will help in a more accurate answer. -
Answer 2
You can say that again Ziptie12. -
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No thanks, I hate typing. How soon is 'soon'? I'm betting we won't see a response , but if we do , that'd be nice....... :). -
Answer 3
it could mean you are driving with both feet at the same time -
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Green jelly stuck on brake switch causing malfuction do to stickinest?? -
Answer 4
Could be low on brake fluid. -