what does it mean. when my car idle is rough and you can smell gas? on 2003 Pontiac Bonneville

the other day I left on a trip I checked everything and it was ok. along the way during my trip. when I slowed down to take a turn onto a junction towards my destination the car all of a sudden started to rev up and there was no acceleration in speed but the gas started to go down really fast.. I made it to the town with only 1/4 of a tank left in the car. and I made this trip many times before. so it shouldn't have used 3/4 of a tank in that little mount of time/ miles. but now every time I start the engine. it runs rough and you can smell gas... any questions what this is?

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Most likely a defective fuel pressure regulator.....see youtube for a how to test video!!... Enter your info in search bar... Seeing it being done is a heck of a lot better than reading about it being done!!! ...Plus i am a poor typist...cant speel to good nither!