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2006 Toyota Camry Question: What does it mean PAO 80?

Toyota Camry Hybrid 2006. Our car displayed again Check Hybrid System, than we went to Toyota Diller. He made computer diagnostic and gave the error PAO80 (Replace Hybrid Battery Pack). So we don't know which battery should be changed. Could you pls adv what kind of battery it can be? I heard that this car have 3 battery... -
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if one is bad the others are close behind. i rec all 3 batteries or test each battery to determine bad one.ck on line for cost i think it will save you alot of $ -
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Answer 2
I would have the dealer check the connections in the Hybrid battery pack. The connections that tie all the individual batteries together have a problem with corrosion. However if 1 of the batteries in the pack are bad, you should replace them all. -
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