2003 Saturn Vue Q&A

2003 Saturn Vue Question: What does it mean if your car won't accelerate when stepping on gas petal?

I have a 2003 Saturn Vue AWD, while trying to accelerate as i was getting on freeway car sounded like it wasn't changing gears. I tried to speed up and car wouldn't go, seems like it couldn't fo faster than 30-40 MPH. I also noticed it was beginning to run hot, went just past half mark on temp gauge. Has anyone had this problem? -
Answer 1
bring it to a tranny shop for diagnostic run. poss. issue with tranny. tranny tech. will advise. -
Answer 2
it means its time to get it ck'd out -
Answer 3
Is the "Check Engine" light on? If it is, is it blinking at times? If it is blinking, that would be an engine misfire. Misfires often feel like erratic shifting. -