2003 Saturn L300 Q&A

2003 Saturn L300 Question: what does it cost to replace an oil pan on this car ?

Also what does it cost to put a rebuilt transmission in this same car. Thanks..I need a honest mechanic. -
Answer 1
the book time to remove and replace a oil pan on a L300 is 1.5 hours plus the cost of the pan $275 dealer, The transmission you will have to call your local transmission shops and compare estimates -
Answer 2
I think "Valleyautotech" had a good anaswer. In 2007, I had auto tranaxle work done and the cost was $990 (which was covered by an extended warranty) This July, I cracked the oil pan and had to pay for it myself. It was $300 for the pan and $87 to install it. Best of Luck! -