what does it cost to have diodes replaced and does the entire alternator needs on 2004 Honda Accord

to be replaced or just the above diodes, and what are the dangers in driving with that problem.


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You need to replace the alternator. The other parts are just as old as the diodes and will fail shortly. If you don't replace it you could overcharge the battery and any other electrical item in the car could be damaged by high voltage.
ok thank you, wow and it's not even a yr since i got d car, but i will because i don't want it to leave me stranded....
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repl as an assm and be done with it. by the time u spend $ and time repl it the cost is no big deal. and old is old incl all bearings regulator and other parts inside
k thanks again
AS stated replace the assembly with a quality one -not discount one - and also recommend replace alt/serpentine belt at same time(draw belt routing diagram BEFORE dis-assembly ) use good belt also. chek tensioner while belt is off.Have radio code handy for resetting after battery dis-connect.Make sure battery is FULLY charged before starting with new alt. May also end up havingto reset driver window 'auto-function'. With door closed and window up, hold switch 'down ,continue holding down for two seconds after window is down. If yours also has 'auto-up feature' Then same on the way back up hold switch and continue to hold for two sec.after it's up. Then check for proper operation. Good luck.
Thank you all for the advice and yes my car died on me the said day after work, so it was diagnosed and yes the alternator was too through, all changed with a new one and car is working great, thanks again