1994 Ford Escort Q&A

1994 Ford Escort Question: what does grinding noise from shifter mean when you try to shift from neutral?

Car working fine all week. Turns over fine. Tried to shift out of parking lot and shifter made LOUD grinding noise with any gear I tried to put it in. I turned the car off. Pumped the clutch, turned back on, tried shifting and same problem. I also got a lot of resistance when trying to put it into gear; like something was blocking the stick. same grinding noise occurred no matter what gear I eventually got it in so I put in back to neutral right away. I turned the car off and tried switching gears while car was off and had no problems going from gear to gear while off. New battery. turns over fine. I'm thinking the stick shift has gone? -
Answer 1
Clutch is not disengaging. Tow to repair shop! -