What does code po452. My check engine light came on on 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier

I took my car to the service department an the gentleman there gave m ethat code an told me that the sensor out and gave me code po452

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1. Check condition of the fuel filler tube, check for dents, etc.

2. Remove the canister purge solenoid on top of the engine, supply vacuum to the solenoid with a vacuum pump connected to the vacuum supply port.

3. Key On Engine Off (KOEO), verify that the canister purge solenoid will hold vacuum.

4. Locate the evaporative vent solenoid, near the top of the fuel filler neck.

5. Check for signs of dirt.

6. Activate the evaporative vent solenoid with a scan tool or by grounding the White wire at the solenoid, Key On Engine Off (KOEO).

7. Verify that the solenoid "clicks" and will not allow airflow past the solenoid.

8. Key On Engine Off (KOEO), verify the Fuel Tank Pressure (FTP) sensor value in scan data. Should have 1.3-1.7v when within 1500' of sea level.

9. Inspect the evaporative canister, on top of the fuel tank.
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The fault code relates to a problem in the wiring circuit or the sensor that mesures the pressure in the fuel tank for the fuel evaporative emissions system. Most likely the sesor has failed.