2003 Chrysler Concorde Q&A

2003 Chrysler Concorde Question: What does code p0441 mean?

check engine light code p0441 -
Answer 1
EVAP incorrect purge flow. -
Answer 2
This indicates that part of the EVAP control system has malfunctioned. This system purges gas vapors from the fuel tank, stores them in a carbon canister, and then siphons them into the engine via intake vacuum to burn. Likely could be, damaged or leaky hoses, bad vacuum switch, faulty purge solenoid, or bad LDP (leak detection pump). Likely needs trained professional to check each possible item. -
Answer 3
that code has a lot of meaning. It could mean you need to replace the EGR Valve, or not enough air flow. to be sure, and I hat to say this but you may have to take it in to a Chrysler dealer, it might cost 70-85 to get it check it right. -