What does a lower ball joint failure look like? on 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid

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I have a 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid that had a catastrophic part failure on the driver's side suspension. The part or parts broke and the wheel was folded back under the wheel well and fender and pulling the axel out of the transmission. I noticed a castle nut, with cotter pin still in it, on a "bolt" was supporting the car on that side and made a nice groove in the pavement. I'm not sure if the "bolt" had a hex head or not, but it was definitely larger at the top than what went through the lower control arm. Also, the "bolt" did not have a ball top. My son found an undamaged bushing on the ground with fresh grease on it. It definitely came off the car. The brakeline was stretched to its limit and didn't break.

Does this all sound like a lower ball joint failure?

(What really puzzles me is where the bushing came from.)
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yes, it sounds correct. you will need it replaced and maybe the axle. after that, a front end alignment will tell if you have any other bent components.