What do I set the spark plugs on in the car? on 2001 Ford Escort

I just put new plugs and wires on my car, but it still runs badly. what do I need to set the plugs on to get the car up and running?

by in Eutaw, AL on February 18, 2011
2 answers
ANSWER by , February 18, 2011
The spark plugs needed to be "gapped" properly - however, i'm guessing that there is some other issue occuring here causing the engine to run poorly. Testing needs to be done to determine what the cause of the problem is.
ANSWER by , May 06, 2011
if you buy Motorcraft spark plugs at Autozone. you do not need to gap it is pre-gap. I did mine and I thought I need to gap it but i didn't. dont tighten the spark plugs so much. check the burn of plugs if its dark or burn you got issues