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2002 Pontiac Grand Prix Question: What do i need to fix if I found water in my oil pan?

Was driving on the freeway then my car suddenly turned off. I had it towed home. Checked the oil and noticed it was extremely high, so when I went to drain it about a quart of water came then the oil....so i was told to change the head gasket...so i bought the head gaskets, but upon further research ive read that the intake manifold can cause this problem...so my question is what do i need to repair?? I'm kinda stuck on what I should do...plz help -
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There's no reason for a head gasket to leak water/coolant into the engine oil... Regardless of what most say!!!! The intake manifold itself needs to be replaced! Be sure the get the gaskets 'with' the manifold! .. Don't try to reuse the old manifold with new gaskets... replace it ! -
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Thank you very much....one more question...if you dont mind? Do i also need to get the intake manifold? -
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Read answer again... -
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Lol.... The whole answer didnt show at first...thanx again for your advise -
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I type (hunt & peck) slowly!... U welcome... -