What do I need to buy for my turning signal problem? on 2002 Audi Allroad Quattro

My turning signals are not working..when u use the turning signals, all u hear is fast ticking with no flashing..left or right. took apart my flasher relay switch and tried to clean it up a little bit, but did not solve the proble...Hazard lights work fine..So at this point I'm just not sure what the problem is. Please advise. I don't have a lot of money to take it to a dealer, but If I have to then thats probly what I'll do. Thank you
-Oli E.

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The flasher relay is a common problem as reported by RepairPal - http://repairpal.com/flasher-relay-failure-can-cause-erratic-turn-signal-operation-555. If cleaning the flasher relay did not help, perhaps you should try replacing it.