What do I do with a P0410 & P0491 code on my car? on 2007 Ford Fusion

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auto zone says the air injection system fault, probable causes are aa1 circuit relay defective or fuse open, aa2 check connector and wiring, aa3 air pump defective or hoses blocked.The P0491 said The Secondary air injection aaflownbank 1, Explanation the ECM detected that there was insufficient mass aaair flow change while the Air pump switching test, Probable cause aa1 Secindary Air vacuum hoses off or leaking, aa2 Failed diverter valve system, aa3 Failed Air bypass solenoid, aa4 Secondary Air hoses off or damaged. Is this a expensive fix?
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I have the exact same problem with my 2007 ford fusion. What ended up happening with yours?
I am experiencing the same issue, did you ever get your problem resolved? I know it comes down to 4 or 5 issues involving the secondary air vacuum and its hoses. What ended up your issue?