What do I do when my light comes on? on 1998 Acura Integra

Hi repairpla
I was driving my 98 acura 1.6 el ( did have it listed on the make ) today on the main road and when I pushed my gas peddle to go fast I noticed that once I hit 100hp that my engine light came on and it stayed on till the ride back home. I was just wondering that if it can be because of the engine not having oil or because of the things you did point out. The cars performance stayed the same and was running good but I didn't want to push my luck so I maintained a good speed throughout the ride back home. I am going to get it serviced by a professional but I would like to hear your I put on this.

Thanks. Naz905

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could be several issues incl oil level depending n which light came on.have it scanned for codes and post so we can adv
Hey; I sent a customer to you. Something about a vibration, lives in Orange told him to have you look at it.
thank you so much
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It needs to be scanned to be sure.