2007 Chevrolet Impala Q&A

2007 Chevrolet Impala Question: What do I do to get my key out of my ignition? It is stuck and no power.

My key is stuck in the ignition in the start position and will not come out. I took the council apart and no broken wire. Now where do i go? My battery is dead now. -
Answer 1
get the battery charged and try wiggling the shifter to get the key to the lock position Roy -
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Can i jump the car with the ignition in the start position? -
Comment 2
is in start or on position?? Roy -
Comment 3
It is in the on position position. Thanks for your time. -
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yes, try jumping it. Roy -
Answer 2
If the battery is fully charged and you are still not able to get the key out, then there may be an issue with the shift interlock mechanism or wiring. You will need to locate a wiring schematic, troubleshooting info, and do some testing to isolate the failed wiring or component. If you are not comfortable with the troubleshooting, it is time to find someone who is, so that parts are not replaced on a guess, because that gets real expensive real quickly. -
Answer 3
is it a floor shift if it is. then it may be the knob on the shifter handle go to junk yard get the shifter assy mine cost 50.00 inside the handle is broken.just the knob itself may fix your problem.it may be held on with a c ring looking device -
Answer 4
Same problem in 04 impala if u take shifter apart look right under shifter bottom left hand side u should see a off white plastic piece, push it up and your key will release. -