what do i do now? on 2006 GMC Canyon

i got the service engine light at 50k miles.took it to auto zone got it diagnosed i have replaced the camshaft and crankshaft sensor all 4 plugs and cyl 1 coil pack. it still runs like crap and it says restricted power and wont go more then 5 mph? what do u recomend to do now?

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The reduced engine power message is related to the electronic throttle control. I would recommend you have your 2006 GMC Canyon diagnosed by a qualified technician certified on electrical systems in light trucks. As you have already found out, bring your vehicle to AutoZone and having the fault codes read does not diagnose anything.
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get a throtle cleaner at autozone try this before anything else it could be the MAF sensor
Reduced engine power messages are most often due to erratic volatge readings in the throttle control system. In GM products, when the computer senses voltage inputs requiring acccel and braking together, the reduced power activates. (if Toyota had this feature it would have saved some lives and their reputation). Most likely the TPS sensor is bad. In many models this part is built into the throttle body.