What do i do iff my engine in making a knocking noise? on 1990 Toyota Tercel

i have a 1990 toyota tercel. when i turn it on the engine starts making a knocking noise and continues faster if i hit the gas. i took off the header and looked at all the piston rods and everything seems to check from what i can see. oil level is fine and gas is at a quarter tank. Please help.

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How did you inspect piston rods without removing the OIL PAN?Maybe you were looking at the rocker arms &camshaft?
yea thats what i was looking at. not the piston rods
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like #1 said you will have to pull the oil pan off it sounds like you have a spun bearing
ok. i pulled the oil pan off. and i cant tell if anything is wrong. the only thin i see is that in left chamber there is a hole on the right wall and in the right chamber there is a hole on the left wall. the middle chamber is perfectly fine with no holes on the walls
Any broken metal pieces in the pan?
alright figured it all out. there was metal shavings in the oil pan and 1 piston was extremely loose, 2 others were slightly lost and on was tight. thanks everyone for the help. should i replace the three loose ones or just the main one thats busted?
the best thing for you to do is pull the engine and have it rebuilt
It is beyond reasonable repair, look for another ride!!
that , or a good used engine , if you can find one.