what do I do? on 2004 Mercury Monterey

im looking to buy a used 2004 mercury Monterey with about 75k and im a little leary after all ive found from past Monterey owners. I have a 7 year old and 2 more on the way so I need peace of mind when it comes to a vehicle. the current owner isn't too sure about a few things and id like to get an idea of how much a power steering pump would cost me if needed to be replaced. Also van isn't too tight around corners kind of floats wondering if it could be struts or maybe something more serious. ive read a lot of horror stories about the trans as well. what would the price range be for a van with those type of issues? any type of information containing pros and cons would be greatly appreciated

I would check out another type of vehicle
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The best thing that you can do, no matter what type of vehicle you decide to buy, is to get a pre-purchase inspection. Find a trusted repair shop that will check out the car and tell you all that is wrong with it BEFORE you buy it. It is good to do internet research, but far more often, high repair bills come from buying a vehicle that has not been taken care of, rather than buying the wrong model. Remember, that most expensive repairs are caused by lack of proper maintenance, and not poor design. And the people that will bad mouth that model on the internet are the people that did not maintain their own vehicle properly. So, do your homework, find a vehicle that suits your needs, but most of all, get a pre purchase inspection.