What do i check if my fans are not goin on when the car is getting hot? 04 honda on 2004 Honda Civic

i think its a electrical problem, my horn and brake lights dont work either i got to straight wire fans and horn and brake lights.

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yes ck fuses and relays to start with
I did water pump with belt, termastat 3 times termal sensor, cooling sensor, resover cap, flush 2 times. Fuses relays and head gasket seal. Radiator seal, i stil think its probley the wires or fuse box because my brakes and horn dont work eaither change a the fuse box maybe or wires? My car is stick shief, 4 door.
check for power going to the fuse box
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check your fuses
I did sensors leaks it has 2 sensors that i change them also all the fuses under the hood we also check the fuses under the steering wheel. I check relays.
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