What did the dealer say about this? on 2008 Nissan Versa

Is this not covered on the 60,000 mile power-train warranty?

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Fuel pump is electrical, may not be considered a 'powertrain' part. Do you still have the owners manual and warranty etc. books that came with the vehicle at purchase? That may have better explanation.
There was no talk about Warranty from the Dealer.
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What system or part are you in question about??
Sorry, fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator?
Take it to the dealer, it should still be under warranty.
Dealer says could be a body controller or a key reset problem. They reset the key reset error code for this and it is running now. I will get it home tonight and see what happens when I park in the garage next to the VW and then try to start Versa in the morning. Thanks, will keep you posted.
Yes, the fuel pressure regulator is covered as part of 60K mile powertrain warranty. I called Nissan (national) and found this out.
Did it resolve your issue for the hard start. Please explain. I am in same trouble. Thanks