What could cause the AC to not push hard and car never cools? on 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

AC feels cold when you but your hand right on the vent,but to actually feel the cold air blowing on you doesnt happen! The back seat stays hot even during a long drive and ac on high!

ck for cabin air filter in you have one and then ck freon level
Unfortunately im a single mom with hardly any extra income,so im trying to figure out the cheaper ways of repairs and having my stepfather fix what he knows how to do. I read up on the cabin filters,and was wondering if you could tell me how to get to the particular part. Someone told me that i would have to pull out my dash???
Cabin filter (if equipped) is under the cowl grilles at bottom of windshield. Not too big of job for someone to do. If its a broken air door thats a job for a professional in my opinion......Dash removal and compleat rechage of A/C system.
When you buy a NAPA cabin filter the removal and installation is provided with the filter.
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It is very common for the air control doors to break on the HVAC case.
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