What could cause my gas MPG to suck so bad? on 1995 Ford Taurus

I've only had my car for 6 months. My cars original sticker estimated 19 MPG City. I'm only getting 12 MPG City. What might improve my gas mileage. It seems to run smoothly and doesn't smoke or burn oil.

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Just a hunch but check the tempuature that the engine is running when it warmed up. Most fords the temp guage should be about 2/3 towared the warm side of guage. If it is half way or lower it might indicate a stuck open thermostat thus the fuel injection system runs a bit on the richer side.
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agree with miles to start with but could be a bunch of issues. i rec you seek the help of a mech to determine cause as to not waste money throwing parts at the car
I found that after replacing (2)of(2) Oxygen (O2) Sensors, poor pickup & random lurching problems went away. It is my understanding that the O2 Sensors tell the fuel injectors how much gas and air to send to the pistons. My MPG was greatly improved, 25.6 MPG highway. Just shy of the original estimated 28 MPG Highway!