What could cause my dashboard light to dim when I press the break? on 2009 Toyota Yaris

about a little over 3 weeks ago my dashboard lights started to dim when I pressed the breaks. Then I noticed that when I tried to use cruise control with my lights on, cruise control would't work? Lastly my engine light just came on. Though it might not be related, what could be the cause? Toyota Yaris 09, roughly 64k miles, oil change up-to-date, previously had an inspection that came out good. Though I have not had the recommended 60k maintenance (coolant flush,etc.) and I have taken 3 road trips (300mi+) within the last 2 months.

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could be alt or just a pwr draw that needs to be looked at
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Have the charging system and battery tested at a shop. I recommend that over the 'free' tests at parts places , cause they sell parts not diagnosis. Check engine light may be a seperate issue but voltage supplies need to be correct first otherwise computer can be 'fooled' by incorrect inputs from sensors.
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