What could cause my car not to start, spins over, won't crank on 1995 Mazda Protege

My car will not start, spins over just fine, just won't crank. When it happened, the car started like normal, the rpms went up to 1000 for like 1/2 a second when it started, when the rpms dropped back down, it went dead. It's getting fuel, it's firing, replaced the fuel pump, spark plugs, cleaned and charged the battery, checked the vacuum canister for cracks(already had to replace it once), checked for gaps in the breather, checked injectors with a noid light, checked all fuses and relays, checked all the sensors and everything is good. Puzzled on it. Thinking it may have jumped time, any ideas? Thanks

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Will it run with spray in intake? How much fuel pressure what is kv on ignition(how much spark)?
How much compression and is exhaust clear?
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check the chargiing system if it did jump the timing take the front cover off and line up the timing marks could also be bad distributor
sounds like the timing belt ran out of time...