what could cause my 1992 dodge spirit not to get power on 1992 Dodge Spirit

ive already checked the fuses and relays i changed the ignition switch the battery is good it wont get power to the gauges fuel pump or anything and power is leaving the ignition switch the car has been in the family its whole life im the second owner i want to keep it it all started one day when i went to start it i heard a loud pop and smoke came out from under the hood near the driver side wiper blade and it hasnt moved since (definitly smelt like electrical)

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I believe you will find , as wetry stated , one or more fried fusible link wires. Have patience digging through the wiring and be sure to replace the fusible link wire with the correct stuff- don't use regular wire or you will probably see a lot more go up in smoke. Good luck.
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you either got a short somewhere or a bad ecm