What could be wrong with my car I think it's something with transmission on 2000 Mercury Sable

The car starts but whines and when you pot it in gear it gets louder and doesn't move I was wondering if it could be something small and am easy fix or if it needs a whole new transmission

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Is it full of trans. fluid? After the car runs and warms up will it go in gear? Ever had the trans. serviced, fluid and filter changed? Any new dents in trans. pan
maybe hit object lying in the road? Or has it been like this awhile? Just some random thoughts. But possible cause the transmission pump is starving for fluid!! Thus the whining noise.
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agree with 1 and 2 but get a free diag and est from aamco then ck prices
could be a lot things drive train related. best thing to do is get a diagnostic run on it. pay attention to your dash. there should be a warning light. get a mechanic you trust to look it over.