what could be wrong with back up lights? on 1995 Ford Explorer

I have checked fuses and bulbs they are fine why are they not working?

by in Richmond, VA on February 25, 2013
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ANSWER by on February 25, 2013
did you check for power and ground at the light sockets?
COMMENT by on February 26, 2013
Also back up light switch which is part of the park netural switch on the trans. linkage. If no power as gg said. Key on, wiggle shifter up/down a little and have someone looking at lights to see if they blink on.
ANSWER by on February 26, 2013
Had this same problem on my 96 ford thunderbird though started with turn signal blowing fuse. Didn't realize till later was also on my back up light fuse. Researched and found out back up function went thru neutral safety switch. Just before this problem had cat converter replaced- wondered ? When cat welded in they torched wires at neutral safety switch. Took back to them and pigtail at switch all melted together. They separated all wires and taped back together and fixed my problem. Not sure if this helps you but maybe problem within, wires or plug for neutral safety switch ?
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