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1998 Buick Skylark Question: What could be the reason why my check engine light is on?

Check engine light is on. -
Answer 1
There could be a 100 reasons; If it is still running good it could be just an EVAP code. Get it scanned and post the codes and we can help. -
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Hi, in my car(1999 chevy malibu,4 cylinder) check engine light is on, and it is shaking when car is started & drive with lower than 20Mph. when i shown to some of known mechanics they said problem in coil set & i must reply the hole set because in my car the total 4 coil in one set. Can you please help to solve the problem it's great help to me. Thanks in advance regards Vijay 5103632852 -
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If you have a spark tester or insulated pliers you could verify spark at each tower. The wires could also be tested. The easiest thing would to take it to a parts store and see if it is a misfire code. Don't change any parts until it has been verified as to what the cause of the fault. -
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agree with # 1 -
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Agree with #2 -
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Agree with reply to #2 -
Answer 4
Did you scan for an OBD code from the main computer? -