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1998 Dodge Intrepid Question: What could be the reason there is no spark to the injectors?

I pulled off the fwy to go home, and it was a miracle i made it off the fwy, cuz I was on complete empty (gas) As i pulled into the parking area the car lunged/jerked as if it didn't want to move forward. I managed to pull into a stall to put gas. However the car would not start and hasn't since. I had a mech look at it and thats where I got the "No Spark" to injectors. There is no check eng and I did replace the crank sensor. -
Answer 1
you mean pulse at injectors.did your mech ck all fuses? -
Comment 1
I believe he did, then he checked for the "Pulse" but there was none. Thank you for your time. -
Comment 2
poss crank senor? have the tech ck for crank and cam sensor activity. -
Comment 3
There is no tech, just me lol however i did change the crank sensor, still nothing. I plan to check the cam its just that its under the manifold housing an looks a little intimidating. Is it correct in saying that if there is no reading from the crank then there is no power to the pcm? -
Comment 4
u may want to save all the labor and have a mech ck it out. -
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I agree with you the problem is i'm broke! just got home after a year still trying to get on my feet, now this. Thank you -