What could be the reason my car won't start? on 2002 Saturn SL1

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Put freon in car today and drove it up the road. Now it won't start. The lights and radio come on but just doesn't start. Changed alternator not to long ago also. What could it be?
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Have seen ac compressor pulley bearing lockup and prevent engine from cranking over. Just a possibility. May have a starter motor issue as well. Can remove drive belt and try to start if you think one of the componets is locked! Try to jump start!
Started up fine this morning & drove around like nothing happened. Done this twice before & ended up changing the alternator cause the juice was low. Wont start for few hours then does and its fine. Lights and radio would come on but not start when turning key. Could it be a fuse or something else?
You may have over charged system locking up compressor. I would start with removing belt and see if it starts. If not see if power going to starter on the small wire when someone is cranking it. If there is power and the battery is good will be starter problem