2002 Saturn SL1 Q&A

2002 Saturn SL1 Question: What could be the reason car won't start?

Key will turn and shows power but won't crank. Changed alternator & battery/cables are good. What else do I look for? Any advice would help!!!! -
Answer 1
Next step is check the starter motor! -
Answer 2
Did you check battery, starter, fuzes -
Answer 3
I have a 1999 Saturn sl1, having a starting issue. All lights and dings work in the car, it starts when it feels like it. when it doesn't start it just doesn't turn over at all. Battery/stater and alternator are fine. You can change the starter relay switch which is what I did thought that might be the problem but it didn't start yesterday when I drove it to the grocery store. but went the next morning and it started right up. it may need a thermostat issue, im not sure but will keep you inform -
Comment 1
What ended being solution to problem, I'm having same issue, one guy says replace starter, other guy says starter fine may be ignition switch. Just curious to see what solved your problem. -
Comment 2
Please let me know if you figure out the problem. I've been having the same issue the last couple of years. Got the switch changed at one point, was fine for a couple months and then back to this. If I drive the car around it often will start up. Other times it won't. It's not the alternator. Additionally, I was able to park on a hill and pop start the clutch but as of today I can't even do that. Not sure what is going on. Very frustrating. No one seems to be able to figure this out. Thanks, Jamie PS mine is a 2002 Saturn -
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