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1995 Honda Civic Question: What could be the problem with my car? Transmission? Torque converter? ....

I start my car and it drives for about 1/2 a mile and then it stops and it does when I push on the gas pedal is it only revs. I turn it off for a couple minutes and it does the same thing again. What could the problem be?? -
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Do you hear an annoying high pitched metallic whine ? If so , the pump failed , probably time for a trans. The fluid level is correct , right? (checked after warmed up on LEVEL ground -engine OFF) -
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No there is no whining noise. Yes the levels are correct. But if it was my transmission I wouldn't be able to drive the car or even put it gear right? -
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IF it acts normal for the first few minutes (until it warms up)and then it will not move , but the engine is running , it sure sounds like a trans problem. Are you checking the fluid level with the engine OFF? Does the 'D' light flash at any time , or is the check engine light on? -
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