What could be the problem if a car does not run after refill of oil? on 1993 Honda Accord

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My car started slowing down and shutting off, more like it was not circulating gas or oil. I knew my oil was low, but all other fluids are full and has about 4 or 5 gallons of gas still in tank. i have replenished the oil needed for car to run, but won't start.I have tried so much to start it that the battery has begun dying.
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Is the timing belt stripped or broken? If you turn the key on and watch the 'check engine' light , at the same time as the light goes off , do you hear a light click from under the dash? Try several times to be sure (don't crank-only turn on key to where warning lights come on).
no the timing belt is fine. just had car checked out because was in a accident a couple weeks ago. everything was functional until this incident.
OK. Going back to your original description of symptoms , have the plugs been pulled and inspected for fouling or signs of other internal engine problems? That might be a good starting point, and back to basics as eban777 described. The check engine light and 'click thing I mentioned is just an easy way to see if the 'main' relay is working. You didn't mention if you heard the 'click'./////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\ The other thing........ What part of the car was affected by the accident and was it repaired at a body shop? Maybe related.
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