What could be causing this? on 1992 Honda Civic

On friday i was on my way to see a friend in the hospital..on the highway and the car started randomly shaking slightly in the front of car and seemed to lost its exceleration..then id let go of the gas and try again was fine then it did it again. so i pulled over and checked the fluids made sure i had oil and everything after that it never did that same thing again. But after that happened the car started to seem to eat more oil then usual. When i came to a stop, with the e brake up(car is standerd) the car seem to ideal more than usual. Never did that before. Also when at a light the car would kind of shake more than usual and seem like it didnt want to stay running...I brought the car to the shop for the weekend and they said nothing was wrong with it and when they ran the car nothing was wrong, no shaking. Now this will happen one day, then the next the car will be fine. Can someone please help me.

by in Ivoryton, CT on April 26, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on May 10, 2010
Try changing your fuel filter and spark plugs. It could be an ignition problem due to its in-consistency perhaps a new distributor cap and rotor
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