1994 Lexus LS400 Q&A

1994 Lexus LS400 Question: What could be causing the squealing sound when i brake after i have replacedthem

I replaced the front brake pads. The squealing started from the driver side. Instantly after replacing them it still made the same sound when i brake about half way down but all the way down it no longer makes the sound. After about two weeks it started on the passenger front too. I have had three people look at it and no one can find a solution. I'm thinking the calipers but i would like to be sure before purchasing. -
Answer 1
Top quality OEM specific (type) brake pads, mounting hardware and rotors de-glazed (lightly machined) upon installation???? -
Answer 2
agree with pushrod, cheap parts are usually costly, make sure your calipers are not hanging up - pistons/slides properly cleaned & lubed, along with quality parts. make sure the frt. hub/wheel bearing has no excessive play properly torque wheels (lug nuts) in a star pattern. -
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Yes the brake pads were top quality. Thank you both for input. -
Answer 3
Several things could cause the squealing. Did you use Brake Pad Lube when you replaced the Pads? Did you buy and install the "Hardware Kit" for the Calipers? Very important--Did you replace or have the Rotors turned? If not, I would be pretty sure that is where your squealing is coming from. -
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I did get the brake pad lube. I didn't get the Hardware kit for the calipers or have the rotors turned or replaced. Probably my next step. Thank you. -