What could be causing a rumbling noise coming from the right front side of car? on 2004 Honda Odyssey

I took my van to Honda and they told me that the CV Axel Shafts needed to be replaced and so i replaced them. However, the noise did not go away. Next, i was told that the noise would go away by replacing the struts/mounts. But this too did not get rid of the problem and now i am out of nearly $3,000 trying to correct the problem.

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im leaning towards going back to the previuos rep facility and complaining about spending money and getting no positive results.
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I agree with pushrod
I am leaning toward the 'hub bearing' myself. Easily checked buy jacking one front wheel up and running it in gear to listen for the noise, then switch sides!! Good mechanic will have no problem finding it. Seems you haven't had one working on your car, yet.
A hub bearing could be making the noise, and usually the noise will change when steering one way compared to the other. "Usually" a right front bearing will make more noise when turning to the left than it does when turning to the right, but occasionally we come across some that don't play by the rules and make noise opposite of what we are used to. In order to be sure where a sound is coming from a tool like Chassis Ear can be used. Find a shop that has and uses this tool and they will be able to help you solve it.
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