What causes your hydraulic fan not to ciculate? Could it be the fan gone out? on 2000 Lincoln LS

We dont kno if its because the fluid is low or what it is.. But I need it fixed before my lit one gets here

Asked by for the 2000 Lincoln LS
The fan may have gone bad but I doubt it. I would check fluid level first. If it is real low air can get in and stop fluid flow through the fan. The components are: Hydraulic pump, fan solenoid valve, a hydraulic fan and a couple of hoses to supply the fluid flow. There should be two reservoirs: 1 for power steering and the other for the hydraulic fan. I believe this uses automatic transmission fluid to fill up. If your problem is not solved repost with info. about what was done. There is no motor on the fan so they usually don't fail unless the bearing seizes up.
Ok we hav tried that..we also let all the old fuel out and it sounds lik air in that pump..the fan still isnt working but now it stays cool for a while then starts running hoy so I dont know what else to do