2000 Volkswagen Beetle Q&A

2000 Volkswagen Beetle Question: what causes very hot air to blow out from under the dash

the car blows hot air from under the dash all of the time. it does not matter if I have the air recycle on the air conditioner unit on or off. The longer i go the hotter it gets. When I park it in the garage it gets so hot i am afraid of spontaneous combustion. i often have raise the hood to cool it off. -
Answer 1
It sounds like the heater control valve is not functioning correctly if you get hot air coming out the cooling ducts on the dash no mater what position the heat/cold switch is in. The engine will generate a lot of heat when it is running, it is a normal part of operation of an internal combustion engine. -
Comment 1
My truck does the same, how do I fix this on my own? Karla -
Answer 2
Not sure about vw's but gm cars do that all the time, its a fresh air feature should cool a little by turning the temp control to cool but will always blow air even if heat and ac are turned off -