What causes this problem & how expensive is it to fix? on 2004 Volvo S80

Driving on hwy and left rear door open light comes on. Stopped & made sure door closed. Continued on way, light cae on agn, then service air bag come on, then dash lights went off and air conditioning went off, 95 degrees outside & power windows would not work. Very hot inside auto. Pulled over and cut car off and got out to cool off. Let it sit for an hour & got back in, ignition switch didn't do anything but tried again and everything worked fine except service air bag light stayed on. Drove 200 miles home and everthing worked perfectly???

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Electrical issues on this can can be difficult to diagnose because of the sophisticated electrical system. I suggest taking it to a Volvo Dealership or specialist only, and have them look at it. They should give an estimate up front of 1-2 hours to look into this for you.
Good Luck!
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