What causes the washerfluid ?not to pump out on 2009 Cadillac CTS

The washer fluid will not come out and the fluid is not low

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This just happened to my '09 CTS and it turned out to be a blown 10A fuse.
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Is the washer pump making noise as if it is running. Sometimes the hose comes loose, but there should be fluid dripping somewhere. Next the spray nozzles get plugged from trash in the system.
You cannot hear noise as if the pump is trying to work
I have also had that issue as well. The pump motor is at the bottom of the jug/container in the fender. There has been times when I have exposed them and the connector was dirty and not making good contact. I pulled the connector and cleaned both areas, then applied some dielectric grease for a water seal to the connectors, and it was operational again. If that is not the problem, check the Battery and ground to see if it is good before condemning the pump itself.