1996 Oldsmobile LSS Q&A

1996 Oldsmobile LSS Question: What causes the power door locks and interior lights not to work

Interior lights dont work nor power door locks fuses are good. Saw somewhere that it coulld be a harness connection under the carpet but cant find that site now -
Answer 1
It sounds like you need to go to your local auto parts and buy a motor manual for your car. Hanes makes a great manual for your vehicle. Some libraries carry motor manuals you can check out for free. Otherwise, expect to pay $30.00. Goodluck -
Answer 2
I had the same problem, mine was a ground wire below the e-brake underneath the carpet. I just kicked mine and it worked you may have to tear the carpet up. Hopefully it will be as easy as mine was. -
Answer 3
the drivers door will not open, even if you put the key in it. what can I do? -