What causes the heater not to blow hot on my 98 mark viii? It only blows cold. on 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII

The test code shows 888 which is a pass. What could the problem be?

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If the coolant is full, and the heater core is hot at operating temperature, then you possibly have a temp/actuator bad.
Thank you for your quik reply. Where is the temp/actuator located and how do I test if it is bad?
OK the actuator is located on the right center on top of the heater box. If you drop the glove box all the way down, dump the excess junk, that's what I see all the time. Any way if you look toward the left at the center, there will be an actuator, plastic box, bolted to the top of the heater box. The space between has a black rod at a right angle wrapped around the control door rod. While adjusting, with the key on, the hot to cold control, the rod should turn back and forth slightly while changing the door from heater to A/C. Let me know.
I took my car in today and had a new radiator and thermostat installed. The blend door actuator is working but still no heat?
I had to look back; As I commented on the first post, "if the coolant is full and the heater core is hot", it could be your heater core. Have you not had your heater core checked. You had a radiator and thermostat installed, for whatever reason, and the heater core could be restricted. I'm only 70 miles away from you, and would/could have made your heater work for less money.
I had to have the radiator replaced because it had a split on the side. I wanted to get a new radiator instead of trying to fix the old one. How much would it cost for you to fix the heat?
If it only takes a flush of the heater core, it would be $35.00.
That sounds good. Would Sat. the 18th be conenient for you?
Well I'm not usually there on Sat-Sun. We could discuss it closer to the date and see if we could make it work.
Ok. I,ll know more in regards to my schedule at the beginning of the week. Hope to get it fixed soon.Brrrr It's cold! HaHa!
This weekend and next week looks pretty good next week according to Fox4, Yea!
Thur. or Fri. would be best for me.
Ok let's make it happen. I'm there between 7:30 and 4:30. Let me know when and I'll make it work.
Thanks alot! I'll be intouch with you Wed. evening. Where are you located?
Click on my name professorg and it will show you my contact info.
Got the information. Thank you so much for your time. I'll get with you on Wed.
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In my experience, the blend door actuator is broken. When you activate your heater, the blend door rotates to direct the air through the heat exchanger to warm/heat the air. There are plenty of instructions online for do-it-yourselfers. If you have it done by a shop, it will be expensive, the parts are cheap, but it is labor intensive.
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