What causes the engine not to turn when attempting to start it up with the key? on 2006 Acura TL

I placed the key into the ignition to start my car and the engine does not turn or crank at all. All the lights, clocks, locks, alarm work. Tried to jump the car, but it is not the battery. Could it be the key is warn which is coded?

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was the security light blinking??

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So it will jump start? Does the car have the original battery? If so its 5 years old and probably has a shorted cell and will produce enough power to light the lights etc but not enough amps to engage the starter. A Napa auto parts store will load test the battery for free
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How many keys do you have? Try the spare to make sure. Might just be the starter. Jon's at Dublin Auto. Call him at (925)828-0243
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