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1995 Mazda MX-6 Question: what causes the distributor to arc out against the cap screw?

had new distributor and noticed it was arcing fire out from where the cap seals to the distributor, tryed new cap and it still done it , so i bought a whole new distributor and new cap and rotor and tryed it and it works fine until the engine gets warm and then it does it again....HELP.......thanks -
Answer 1
are you missing the cap seal? never heard of this before,unless there is moisture around the area -
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yes it has seal -
Answer 2
Ignition coil under cap is the problem! That's the part the wire connector hooks to. About 45.00 from NAPA, I think. It is just that I have fixed this before only reason I know anything about it. Now that was the problem on the one I had in the shop doing the same thing! -
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I haven't changed the coil but I will try , just thinking had a new distributor in it , and it was doing this so I bought another new distributor and put it in and it was fine til the engine got warm (about 20 min.) then it started doing it , whats the possibility of both coils being bad.... -
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This is the first time you posted that info.!! Not likely 2 coils bad, unless cap was improperly torqued!? Good luck with this one! -
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thanks and yes it was coil,now the car will not go into 3rd it is an automatic and was working fine , any ideas...shifts from 1 to 2nd at about 5000 rpms and then from 2 to 3 about 6-7000 rpms , figure that is alot too much what to do -
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Yes I already know that it was the coil. Have a mechanic check the trans. detent cable adjustment!!!!!!!!" -