What causes the coil pack to go bad? Is that my problem? on 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue

I've replaced the coil pack once already, and it seems to need replaced again. car cranks hard. whole engine shifts violently. i pull fuse and put back in, car starts for a brief second. My fuel pump went out the first time. while trying to hopelessly start car it changed from cranking w/ no fuel to violently shifting and no spark. this time it caught me off gaurd by dieing at 60mph. but got me home.

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you need a complete diag and est as it could be several issues
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It has 3 coil packs and a lot more that can cause these problems, so yes it does need a mechanics help.
Spark plugs that are worn and the gap too big can cause coils to fail, and an engine that is running too lean can to. However, what testing have you done to really prove that the coil pack has failed? The coil pack can only do what it is told to from the PCM which relies on its inputs to make decisions. Have you checked for codes?
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