What causes the car to want to die/or shut off? on 2000 Ford Taurus

motor light flashes but would turn off when car is warmed up now just stays on. Have to keep car revved up pretty good or it dies on me. What could the cause be? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It will have to be scanned to find the trouble! We could guess at it but that is a waste of time.
could it be the alternator or water pump by any chance? Any way of checking those to see if that could be the problem?
I will offer a guess; vacuum leak(s). Check the pcv system! Clean the throttle body and plate (butterfly).
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Most likely severe misfire causing the blinking check engine light , which is a sign that you are doing damage while running. Live data scanner.not 'code reader' , would be best for starting diagnosis. Have you had any issue with dead battery yet? If not, alternator wouldn't be suspect yet. Any loss of coolant or overheating issues yet?
No battery problems, loss of coolant or overheating. Starts up fine & drives good. Only when going slow or coming to a stop it acts as if wanting to shut off or just dies if don't keep revved up. Could spark plugs have anything to do with it? Or something else?
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