what causes the abs to kick in and out even on dry pavement on 2002 Chevrolet S10

it occurs off and on most of the time is it a dirty speed sensor or the rotors

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Most likely a wheel speed sensor or circuit to a sensor. Scan test of the abs system should show the fault area. Do you hear abs activation or 'growl' when braking and turning steering wheel?
a growl just when i hit the brakes how do u scan the abs system the abs light is not on
The same way it is scànned îf the light is on! With a professional scanner. Memory!! While scanner it hooked up, can test drive to view live data to see sensor operation! Scan test!!
thank you
i changed the passanger side bearing and sensor along with the front brakes and rotors a scan test said the passanger side was bad after all of this it is still happening what could be the problem
Rescan to see if the problem is still on that wheel. Still possible poor connection/broken wire or faulty sensor! Vehicle can be driven with scanner hooked up to watch ALL the abs wheel speed sensors in live data!! This should be a pretty straight foward fix!
The scan test shows multiple codes. Both front sides and in the module I'm gonna change the bearing and sensor on the drivers side to see if that remedies the problem. If it don't then what
"The vehicle can be driven with a professional scaner showig ABS data" to watch sensors to see which stops wotking! That is how you find this sensor prolem. If no sensors stop working,,look elsewhere fo your trouble. Dont jus put parts on without testing!